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We are proud of our organization.


We offer a guaranteed pregnancy package with egg donation and surrogacy.

The Preferred destination for IVF and surrogacy services

Make your dream of having your own baby come true


Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr Kiran D Sekhar

    Dr Kiran D Sekhar

    Kiran D Sekhar is an eminent Gynecologist and Obstetrician and “Medical director”

  • Dr Pratima Grover

    Dr Pratima Grover

    Dr Pratima Grover – Consultant at K I C., has trained at the Cleveland Clinic, More

  • Dr Samit Sekhar

    Dr Samit Sekhar

    Dr.Samit Sekhar is Embryologist at Kiran infertility center and In charge

  • Dr Naresh Sekhar

    Dr Naresh Sekhar

    Dr Naresh Sekhar – the Managing Director and Male Infertility Specialist for K I C.

What our patients say

  • 3

    Hello Dr.Samit Nikita is now 3 ½ months old. Here she is, after feeding She says thanks… ..we all do. Please keep up the good work that you do. We appreciate it, and I’m sure hundreds of couples around the world do also. Thank you. Maciek, Manine and baby Niki.

    Maciek, Manine,

  • IMG_20141011_201814-1

    KIC stood by us through thick and thin. It was a long road to our first baby, Gianna, and we were beginning to give up hope. KIC succeeded where all others failed. After many attempts, our little girl arrived healthy and oh-so-happy. She is such a pleasure and a dream come true. She is more beautiful every day and is the center of attention everywhere we go for her kind and gentle disposition. Everyone just loves her - even strangers stop to compliment us since she's just so gorgeous and engaging. We were so happy with KIC that we had a second child through the clinic - a little earlier than we expected! He came to us on the very first try! A bouncing, chubby, handsome little man. He loves to smile and embodies everything one would want from a baby - big, fat cheeks, random smiles, and loves to be held. KIC brought us these wonderful children and helped us every step of the way before and after birth. Everything from simple transportation to helping us choose an egg vendor to arranging DNA tests to assembling required documentation and photos - even nanny care and baby training. I could not have made a better choice of facility.

    Tim Altanero,

  • testmonial2

    Thank you again for making our dream come true. We will always remember you all and what you did for us. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism throughout the last year. We wish you and the clinic the very best in the future.

    Trevor, Erin, Eli and Joseph,

  • testmonial1

    Thank you Dr. Samit forall the joy and happiness you gave to our familly! We always be greatfull for this precious gift. "Our Lola grows up happy and healthy! Thanks Dr. Samit and staff!"

    Juan Nello,

  • image0011

    I'm writing to say once again how grateful I am for you have helped me to have my son.The expertise of you and your team was inspiring of AWE, I couldn't have been more fortunate to have known the Kiran infertility Center. The kindness and professional competence, I found there, of all people, is incredible, and I want you to know that I will be eternally grateful. Your work is so important. And you excel in their work in every way possible. So, thank you. My family and I will never forget what you have done for us


  • 1477454_621580024566316_1945870954_n

    We wish to thank all that were involved in this special day we have sat and looked in wonder at Heaven mia for 11 hours and still don't believe she is real THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the 3 of us we will never be able to repay you all for the joy we feel right now ..
    Email :
    Personal Blog:

    Gary Bolsover and Tracy Bastable,

  • albert-amin

    On my first visit to India I asked Dr. Samit why he did this and specifically, why he worked with gay people wanting to be parents. His answer will forever ring in my heart. Because in-deed, No one should dictate who can love and raise a child based on preconceived prejudices. If there is true love and a heartfelt desire to create and raise your own family, do so.
    Email :

    Albert & Amin,

  • claudia-edisson

    We can’t thank enough Dr. Samit, Anjani and everyone else who helped us become a family. We are planning on a brother or sister for Joshua soon and, Kiran is where we will go for that!We found out about Surrogacy in India after years of painful disappointments, miscarriages and after losing hope. With some research mostly in Internet we decided for Kiran and couldn’t be happier about our decision. We started our journey around April of 2011 by signing our agreement. We knew this was meant to be when we got pregnant at the very first at-tempt! New parents and without knowing much about surro-gacy we had many questions that Dr. Samit and Anjani an-swered with patience and understanding. We waited anx-iously for the ultrasounds and reports of our baby and before we knew, we were part of the Kiran family sharing with them the most important experience of our lives. Our baby boy Joshua was born a few weeks early and although that created some anxiety on our side, the support of everyone at Kiran was what we expected and more.~ Claudia, Edisson and Joshua
    Email :,

    Edisson and Joshua,

  • kate-glenn03

    Our journey with the Kiran infertility center , stared 2 years ago around Christmas time… After 5 years of trying to have a baby here in Toronto, Canada we were looking for a miracle and we found it on CNN. We watched a show about the Kiran infertility center and possibilities of surrogacy in India.Let me give you a bit of background – we started to try to have a baby in early 2005 after several months and many trips to our family doctor and specialist nobody could tell us why it was not happening.
    Email :

    Kate & Glenn,

  • richard

    There is an energy in India, at once magnetic and peaceful, that pulled us there to begin our journey to father-hood, in late 2010. We never hesitated or doubted that this was absolutely the right decision for us. In April 2012, we returned to Hyderabad be there for the birth of our twin sons, Fox Henry and Foster Wesley. Our boys have been thriving ever since. Throughout every phase of the process, everyone at Kiran Infertility Center was dedicated, thoughtful, and, in short, amazing. Fox and Foster‟s many smiles reinforce how lucky we are to have dis-covered Dr. Samit and the team.
    Email :

    James & Matt,

  • richard

    “Jacob is now just over 2 years old, and growing up to be a loving, healthy, bright and inquisitive boy, full of vitality. He was conceived through ‘IVF’ by Dr. Sekhar and carried to term in July 2010 by a wonderful lady who lived at the Kiran IVF Center during the entire pregnancy. I was fortunate to meet her after Jacob’s birth and convey my sincere gratitude. It goes without saying that my gratitude also extends to Dr. Samit Sekhar, his expertise, and the services provided through the Kiran Infertility Center, for Jacob, and, that he is in my life.”


  • 1

    I would like to sincerely thank everyone at the Kiran clinic for all the help and support during our stay in India. It was a long trip but we were well taken care of at your service apartment from every aspect; we were able to come home on time without any changes to our scheduled return flights because of your professionalism in handling the paperwork, prompt responses to my inquiries and difficulties, and quick reaction to unexpected events. I greatly appreciate everything. I am happy to have met so many new friends on this trip and come home safely and on time with my three beautiful daughters. Occasionally I would wonder whether I did the right thing as you can probably imagine having three babies at the same time is not an easy job, especially when I am so tired and my girls just wouldn’t stop crying – but whenever I look at their faces, I know that I did the right thing and I am a very lucky man. I can’t wait till the day they call me daddy and jump on my laps. They are absolutely adorable; everywhere we go they are the centre of the attention; everybody loves them! Thank you once again – you have my highest praise! Email :

    Felix Yang,

  • lea-mike

    “We are so glad we decided to go ahead with the surrogacy process at Kiran Infertility Center and will always be grateful to everyone involved in making our wildest dreams come true!” Dr Kiran Sekhar celebrated her birth day on 26th July. She is our medical Director and the main reason be-hind the Success of our IVF and Surrogacy program. Her untiring hard work, skill and dedication has brought happiness and joy to thousands of infertile couples from across the globe.

    Lea & Mike,

  • michael-ashton

    The decision to become parents was the scariest decision Michael and I ever made in our lives. The fear of the unknown had never scared us before like it did with the idea of having an-other human-being 100% dependent upon us. We were the definition of spontaneous, deciding to go to the beach on a Thurs-day morning and being there Thursday night kind of crazy spontaneity. We loved our life pre baby and were scared to death how it would change. Needless to say 2 years and three months after the birth of our precious baby girl Ashton, we are still at times scared to death. but we are beginning to get our bearings as parents. We may not be as spontaneous as we once were but we have never been happier. We owe this happiness to the wonderful Dr’s and staff at the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad. India. From the first visit to the clinic in 2009, to the birth of our baby in 2010,Kiran Infertility Center made our surrogacy experience better than we could have ever imagined. Before going to India we had pursued many avenues in the US, from surrogacy to private adoption. All avenues lead to dead ends and now we are very thankful for what were at the time great disappointments.Our process at the Kiran Infertility Center took exactly 12 months. In that 12 months we had 1 failed attempt at inseminating, one miscarriage at 12 weeks and one full term baby girl we love with all our hearts. Through it all, the good and the sad. we trusted that the Drs at the Kiran Infertility Center would deliver to us a healthy baby. They exceeded all our expectations and dreams! “We now consider the Dr’s and staff at the Kiran Infertility Center to be part of our family. They made it possible for us to create our family and for that we will be forever grateful” All the Best

    Brad, Michael & Ashton,

  • richard-and-russell (2)

    Richard and Russell are both originally from Indiana. They met at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to earn their undergraduate degrees. Russell was the pianist for Richard’s private voice lessons. The two became an official couple in 1998. After graduation, Richard and Russell made the big move to New York, where Richard pursues his singing career and Russell teaching at Tappan Zee High School, serving as Director of Choral Activities. Richard enjoys gardening and landscaping when he doesn’t have Rhys in his arms. He also enjoys learning new music repertoire to try out on Rhys and making song recordings with our in house mini studio. His first and most favourite current hobby is taking pictures of Rhys and making videos. Their journey all started about a year ago when they decided they were ready to be fathers and started researching their options for surrogacy. Once they made the final decision to go with Dr. Samit and his team, they knew they had chosen wisely. The rest fell into place and on January 17th their greatest joy (and stress) came into play when they received word that their new baby was on his way. “It was literally like being on the “Amazing Race‟ but the prize was even better than any dollar amount,” stated Richard and Russell.
    Email :

    Richard and Russell,

  • g

    We are finally home and the girls are getting used to the weather and environment here. They turned 3 months last week. It took some time for them to adjust to changes here but they are catching up and doing great. We could not thank you enough for giving us these precious angels. Your care was a constant presence every step of the way. We could not have come this far without you guys. Thank you so much for making our dream come true. We will be in touch.

    Mr and Mrs G,

  • Surrogacy-richard-russell-testimonial

    Fantastic news! Rhys got his exit stamp today and we are headed back to the states tomorrow night and should be in NY 7 AM Saturday. We couldn’t have gotten it through as fast without Dr. Samit Sekhar, Anjani Kumar, and those at the Kiran InfertilityCenter. They are AMAZING! (Our exit stamp was the fastest it has even been processed!) Bringin’ the Baby back home!

    Russell Wagoner,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-111 (1)

    We had been married for 3 years when I had an operation which led to us not being able to have biological children the natural way. we started to look into possible infertility centers in India. It was fantastic having someone local (Hyderabad) who could actually have a look at prospective clinics and finally recommended Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad because the first impression he had of the clinic was very professional and helpful.
    Email :

    Bret and Anna Parker,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-3

    Brad Fister and Michael’s daughter, who they named Ashton, is the first surrogate child of an American couple in Hyderabad. Fister had come to Kiran Infertility Center last year when he donated his sperm which was fused with an egg donated by an Indian egg donor. The resultant embryo was then implanted in a surrogate mother and this entire procedure was carried out at KIC, a first such case of two dads. The child was delivered by the surrogate mother and Fister says the baby girl is his reflection with his “chin and lips’’.

    Brad and Michael,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-5

    The efforts to utilize science has set benchmarks in the cases of unfortunate childless, infertile and post menopause women becoming mothers. A patient aged 52 years (resident of Hyderabad ,India) with primary infertility, had come to inquire regarding the possibilities of pregnancy post menopause by Oocyte donation from her young relative and sperm from her husband (aged about 63 years). On general examination, she was found to be Mild Hypertensive with a weight of about 60 kgs. She was menopausal since the past 4 years and this was confirmed by blood investigations and Ultra sonography.


  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-6 (1)

    A patient, who after 14 missed abortions, had successfully delivered a boy baby after taking treatment at our Clinic. This is one of our greatest achievements.


  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-7

    Mulu and myself are proud parents of little Matthew, wonderful little creature.We thank you for all your emotional support all step of the way. I felt bad I did not write you lately. I just did not want to bother you. What was interesting was that Mulu had a PROM at 28 weeks of gestation and had to be in hospital for over 6 weeks in strict bed rest. Luckily Matthew did not need to be incubated, to be on oxygen or even to go to NICU.

    Abiy Mekoya,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-8

    Richard was blessed with a healthy baby boy-he lovingly named – Jacob

    Richard Lukjaniec,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-9 (2)

    We have been together over 10 years and have been trying to start a family for the last five years with no success, when a friend mentioned we should check into surrogacy in India . We were in contact with the Kiran clinic and before we knew it we booked our trip to India . We felt very welcomed at Kiran clinic and Dr. Samit took the time to answer all our questions. We are happy to announce we are pregnant, about 22 weeks along. We can not wait to go back to India the end of November to pick up our new baby. A big thank you to Dr. Samit and all the other IP we have met thus far in this journey. Of course the biggest thanks goes to our surrogate, who is giving us the best gift of all.
    Email :

    Charlie Maxwell and Corey,

  • Surrogacy-Helene-Justin-2

    Thank you everyone. We really appreciate! We would like to make a special thank to Dr. Samit, Dr Kiran and all the members of their staff for their professionalism and dedication. Our most cherished dream is now reality! We are very grateful to the clinic because without their support, we could never have fulfilled the dream of having kids. Thank you again.

    Justin Grenier and Helene Bouchard,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-16

    Twenty six hours on the plane and I’m finally home. Thank you Dr. Samit and Anjani for being such wonderful hosts. Everything was perfect. Your thoughfulness and attention to detail made my stay effortless. India is a country very unlike the U.S. and without your help I could never had managed. India is lovely country and Kristy and I are hoping to explore more of it on our return visit, if we should be so blessed.

    Curt & Kristy,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-17

    Dear Dr. Samit & Anjani, We have returned home safe and sound. Thank you so much for your excellent service. It is amazing to think we’ve come so far as to enter into surrogacy agreement far away from Japan, but we have no anxiety about our decision, now that we know you are providing the best treatment possible for us. The welcome dinner over local music at an elegant restaurant in Taj Krishna was tasty and enjoyable. Above all, it is really nice to have a chance to know more about our doctor and coordinator.


  • Surrogacy-T-F-Intended-parents (1)

    Dear Dr. Samit, Dr. Kiran, Anjani, and all the staff at Kiran, Thank you all so much for what you have done for us. The experience was very pleasant and it was very easy to work with you. We truly appreciate everyone who is helping us along our journey.

    T F Intended Parents,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-001

    I am so truely happy for the new parents. You are so blessed! Congrats to the clinic on your success. Kevin and I are excited to begin our journey with you all next month.

    Angela Tassistro,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-002

    no words to xpress our gratitude…..thanks a lot for each and every one in the center

    Rayavaram N Raghu,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-003

    Manon and Marc- who had twins in January 2011! Message from a proud new Dad : It is with immense and indescribable happiness that I’m announcing the birth of our twins: Maika, our daughter and Yanni, our son! Both were born on January 30, 2011 in beautiful INDIA!! About a week after birth, they were discharged from a good hospital and came with us at the hotel!! Another magic moment. The family’s arrival at the Taj hotel was greeted and celebrated by wonderful staff member and friends with a beautiful cake and words of welcome offered by the employees of the hotel who so kindly took us under their wing.

    Manon and Marc,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-006

    A truly incredicle time in our lives. Thanks to everyone at KIC who made this miracle happen.

    Michael Milligan,

  • Surrogacy-testimonials-img-009

    Our twins are now 5 months old!!! Both are still very healthy, growing fast, and of course…the greatest love of our lives. We are very happy parents and we are still having a hard time believing how amazingly lucky we are:) We sometimes receive questions from other IPs so we thought we would share more details about our amazing journey with you all:)

    Manon and Marc,