Dr. Samit Sekhar 

(Master in Mens’s Health & Andrology) Australia.
Owner and Executive Director.

Dr. Samit Sekhar is owner and Director at KIC and its branches.
At KIC-Hyderabad, he takes care of the overall functioning of the KIC, is in-charge of the day to day functioning and the overall maintenance of IVF laboratory and Hospital Administration. He is involved in the day to day patient interaction and counselling.

Under Dr Samit’s leadership, IVF and Surrogacy Programs offered by KIC- Hyderabad are treated as a benchmark for other hospitals across India. It is his zeal and enthusiasm that from time to time enables KIC Hyderabad to strive harder and harder to ensure to provide all-inclusive top quality fertility care at affordable prices for patients at KIC Hyderabad and its Branches.