Cheap Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy becomes the life changing option for the infertile couple. Medical sciences and the recent developments declared that surrogacy is the best option to get the dream of having a family. Even though surrogacy is the best option for the infertile couple, so many are taking back step due to the high costs for the entire process. The process nearly consumes half of life’s earnings. But surrogacy abroad is an option to reduce the price of the surrogacy and provides the quality service at cheaper price.

Surrogacy abroad is a process of choosing a surrogate mother to carry the child in other country. It is a process of 9 months so that there are so many legal considerations by choosing this option. It is better to go for a county where it is legal like India, Nepal Finding a surrogate mother in India is not difficult and the clinics are also taking care of the entire surrogacy process with the complete packages.

cheap surrogacy in india

The cost of surrogacy in India is 5 times less than the money spent in the United States. So thousands of dollars will be saved with a Medical visa to the country like India. It is better to know the entire procedure involved in the surrogacy and the legal considerations to take care. The IVF / ICSI treatment involved in the surrogacy process is also affordable so that the cost of surrogacy will be decreased. In Countries like India, Nepal the surrogate women compensation is also low as the women coming form poor families and with an interest to help others. After the completion of the contract the women will be well settled with their money by starting a new business on their own or providing better education to their children.

Some surrogacy clinics in India are depending on the medical tourism agencies to complete the documentation and searching for a surrogate. But other clinics provide the entire surrogacy package including the surrogate mother compensation and helps in preparing the documentation for the hassle free return to their home country.

The parent’s are required to come India twice: throughout the beginning of the process and at the end to take the baby. Another challenge is that the preparation of documents to brings the baby home to their country. To help parents, the clinics also provide necessary papers and documents as proof that the baby belongs to them, and regularly go a further mile to supply all different facilitate with this process.