IVF in India

IVF in India

In order for physiological condition to occur, an egg must be discharged from the ovary and unite with a gamete. Ordinarily this union, referred to as fertilization, happens inside the Fallopian tube, which joins the female internal reproductive organ (womb) to the ovary. However, in IVF in India, the union happens in an exceedingly laboratory once eggs and gamete are collected. Embryos area unit then transferred to the female internal reproductive organ to continue growth.

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IVF is for :

  • Both fallopian tubes are absent or blocked as a result of surgery or bodily structure pregnancy) or infection (STD, or Tuberculosis)
  • Endometriosis
  • Reduced gamete count or motility (IVF will be ordinarily performed for counts that area unit over five million per cubic centimeter. For counts but five million per cubic centimeter. ICSI may be a higher possibility.) Patients wherever all different treatments like biological process induction with intra female internal reproductive organ insemination have tested unsuccessful.
  • Patients with unexplained sterility wherever all the investigations performed on the couple area unit traditional, however United Nations agency still don’t conceive with routine treatments.
  • Patients United Nations agencies have did not become pregnant in spite of all routine treatments of sterility.
  • Patients United Nations agency wish to become pregnant by the procedure of embryo and egg donation. In our unit, the success rates of IVF area unit within the region of twenty to half-hour, that area unit admire the leading units within the world.


There are 5 major steps within the IVF and embryo transfer sequence:

1. Monitor the event of ripening egg(s) within the ovaries

2. Assortment of eggs

3. Getting the gamete

4. Swing the eggs and gamete along within the laboratory, and providing correct conditions for         fertilization and early embryo growth

5. Transferring the embryos into the female internal reproductive organ

To control the temporal arrangement of egg ripening and to extend the possibility of aggregation substantial variety of eggs, fertility medicine area unit prescribed consistent with every individual case. Before determining the egg retrieval schedule, we have a tendency to perform an ultrasound of the ovaries to see the event of eggs and a blood/urine check to live secretion levels.