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We at CRYOBANK INDIA, led by Dr. SAMIT SEKHAR and his dedicated team, are proud to present ourselves as a state-of- the- art CRYO-BANKING UNIT. Presently based in Hyderabad, we are in the business of supplying ready- to- use DONOR GAMETES across INDIA & OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES. For the past three years now, we have been helping give birth to the dreams of those seeking to become parents.

As you WILL know that infertility, both male as well as female, is on the rise; also with the alarming spread of HIV and other STD’s, the importance of using properly tested DONOR SPERM FOR ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION has a very important place in the management of Male Infertility.

We offer a safe and scientific solution for Male Infertility. We provide both donor and patient’s own semen samples, which will be ready for IUI and also for IVF. Apart from this, we also have a CRYOPRESERVATION UNIT for freezing semen for patients wherein the male partner is living abroad! Your decision to use DONOR GAMETES is extremely important, just as important is your choice of CRYOBANK AND GAMETE DONOR.


We at “CRYOBANK INDIA CRYOBANK” are proud to be one of the leaders in CRYO BANKING.

  •  We offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of donors.
  • Our staff includes a male Infertility Specialist, who is available for questions or consultations to ensure the best potential for success.
  • Anonymous donors currently undergo the following screening tests during the qualifying process

::   ABO – RH typing o Complete blood count (CBC)::   HIV 1 & 2 o HB sAG::  VDRL::   SEMEN ANALYSIS AND MORPHOLOGY

Our Donors (who are either Graduates or Professionals), are required to fill in a questionnaire, which includes a 3 generation medical history and also personal information including physical characteristics, hobbies, interests, educational background etc. They are also required to submit for a blood test initially and every three months, whilst they are donating GAMETES.

 Quality Assurance

CRYOBANK INDIA Bank is committed to providing Donor Gamete Specimens of the highest quality. We evaluate each specimen to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. We use only the Best Quality Density Gradient Media. A Post Thaw Analysis of Sperm Count, Motility, and Grade Value is included with every donor specimen.

Specimen Guarantee

A minimum of 40 million sperm will be present in 0.5 to 0.8 ml of sample, along with a catheter free of cost.

Reporting Pregnancies

Your success is our success, so it is vital that you please take the trouble of reporting pregnancies and births. This helps us evaluate donors and also monitor the number of pregnancies per donor.


  •  Whenever you require bulk samples, please let us know at least 1 week in advance.
  • Assuring you of our Quality Services on behalf of SSSB.
  • Individual samples require 1 day prior intimation.
  • We will have the frozen samples personally DELIVERED at your DOOR STEP. INITIAL OFFER Donor Sample free with every 5 samples.

For Further Details Contact


#6-2-966/4, Lane No. 10
Opposite: Hindi Prachar Sabha Beside Nirmala High School
Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500004

Please send your applications or enquiries for being a gamete donor by email only to

We will call you once we ask for the profile and you pass the screening. No phone calls on any of the numbers will be entertained.
People calling will be automatically disqualified.