Egg Donation

What is Egg Donation?

In egg donation, eggs are borrowed from a girl (less than thirty three yrs. of age) known as the donor, together with her consent. These eggs are then inseminated with the sperms of the husband of the recipient lady and therefore the resultant embryo (the earliest kind of the baby), is inserted into the uterus of the recipient. The success rate of this procedure is within the region of thirty to four-hundredth. In fact, many ladies until the age of 50-55 became pregnant by this method. You’ll be stunned that the oldest lady pregnant by this procedure is sixty nine year old, residing in European country. At Babies and North American nation, the oldest ladies UN agency has planned with this method is sixty two years older. This can be in all probability the oldest lady to possess become pregnant, in India.

egg donation

egg donation

Who will qualify for Egg Donation?

In this day and age a lot of and a lot of career oriented ladies are becoming married late in life. By the time they begin attending to have youngsters; they’re nearing the fourth decade of their life (40 years). As luck would have it, at this age, many ladies will conceive naturally. But nearly ten to fifteen ladies fail to conceive at intervals a year’s time. These ladies UN agency are over 37-40 years older than resort to treatment of sterility by their gynecologist. If they still don’t become pregnant they take facilitate of newer technologies like IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (test-tube baby) or ICSI – Intra protoplasm gamete Injection.

How are the Donors screened?

Generally, eggs are borrowed from healthy ladies but 30-35 years older and UN agency aren’t affected by any ill health or genetic disorders. These young ladies, conjointly known as donors, are specially screened for AIDS and infectious disease. Their case history is taken, to rule out any genetic issues. The donor is married or single. However, married donors with youngsters would be preferred; primarily as a result of they’re going to have established their ability to reveal youngsters.

How is that the procedure done?

The Babies and North American nation workers can coordinate the cycles of the donor and recipient to accomplish a recent embryo transfer whenever potential. Synchronization of cycles includes employing a series of medicines to facilitate a hospitable female internal reproductive organ atmosphere for the transfer of embryos. Throughout egg donation, the donor is given injections to supply several eggs. Once these eggs are ripe, she is given a brief anesthesia and therefore the eggs are far from within the duct while not giving a cut on the abdomen. The donor will come back home 3 to four hours’ once the procedure. The eggs are then inseminated with the recipient’s husband’s sperms within the laboratory, either by IVF or ICSI and unbroken within the brooder for 2 days.

 Who is a Donor?

 As straightforward because the methodology might sound, the largest downside Janus-faced by each doctors and patients is that the availableness and supply of egg donors. Ideally, the simplest donor would be her own sister or close to relative from her facet (not from husband’s blood relative). We’ve done such cases with success in Lilavati Hospital. However, during this day and age of tiny nuclear families again and again it’s tough to urge such donors.

What is the ordinance of the recipient?

In general, associate lady with a medical or genetic indication for victimization an egg donor is a recipient, if there are not any medical contraindications to maternity. Our current ordinance is fifty five years. The choice to utilize donor eggs is formed in association with workers and consultants. If a male issue exists, donor egg with ICSI is additionally obtainable. Usually a shrink and a MD would assess a recipient. This can be done to measure the mental and condition of the patient. This analysis is extremely vital to resist the pressures of vaginal birth.