Embryo donation in India

Embryo donation in India is that the best treatment possibility for the couples wherever the female partner has drawback of eggs, either they’re absent or not sensible of excellent of fine quality to supply good embryos and physiological condition and therefore the male partner is additionally having a severe drawback or correctable drawback with this his spermatozoon. In such cases neither the man nor the woman will turn out the child from their own eggs or spermatozoon. This couple will settle for embryo donation.

embryo donation in India

embryo donation in India

How is Embryo Donation performed?

This is almost like egg donation. In patients who are unwell (having their periods) the hormonal control of the cycle is seized by beginning GnRh Analogue Injection like Superfact, Lupride or Nasaral spray ranging from 21st day of previous cycle. Once the patient gets her amount, estrogen Valerate tablets (Progynova 2 mg) is started from the 2nd day of period. On the 10th day an ultrasound is completed to assess the willingness of the mucosa by mensuration its thickness.

A mucosa thickness of over 9mm is nice for physiological condition. Once this can be achieved, one will wait to get smart quality embryos, to position into the uterus. It’s necessary to notice that with this regime, one will anticipate as several as thirty five days when beginning Progynova, for associate degree embryo transfer. The procedure is non-surgical, and there’s no risk concerned.

In case of biological time woman, who have stopped having periods, circular hormones are given for 3-6 months until the time the patient starts having her periods. At the moment the procedure is that the same, beginning with Progynova tablets from the second day of period. In these women, there’s no got to provide GnRh analogues like Suprefact, because the secretion management has been naturally shut off.

What is the physiological condition rate with embryo donation?

The physiological condition rate in our clinic is 30-40% per cycle. The rationale for the high physiological state rate is twofold. Firstly, these are typically wonderful quality embryos. Also, since we have a tendency to prepare the mucosa exploitation hormones, the female internal reproductive organ willingness to those embryos is typically excellent.

Embryo donation in India

What is the supply of Embryo Donation?

In our program there are several young patients who want IVF / ICSI procedure, however who cannot afford it. These patients turn out heap of eggs and therefore several embryos.

After taking correct consent of those patients, a number of the extra embryos are used for the recipients. In return, the prices of the medicine of the younger patient are borne by the recipient. This embryo sharing is useful for each the patients.

Alternatively, once we perform IVF, young women typically turn out several eggs, and thus, several embryos. The most effective quality embryos are transferred into the female internal reproductive organ. The additional embryos will be frozen and keep in liquid nitrogen at (minus)-196 0C. If the patient gets pregnant and don’t need a lot of children, they typically comply with give their embryos to different unfertilised couples, to assist them to start out a family.