The weather in Seattle is typically pretty mild, but this week is not one of those weeks. It has been snowing and freezing temps, which also resulted in freezing rain today.

I had two donors from the Seattle area due to depart to India today. In true airline fashion they delayed, delayed and finally cancelled their flight. They were disappointed as they are excited to travel to India to donate (and to warmer weather). Not to fear though because the weather is due to warm up tomorrow. They have enough medication so it won’t be affecting their cycles. It is just unfortunate that you can’t control the weather.

 Seriously watching the news here and nationally they make it seem like it is a national emergency. We only rec’d a few inches in the downtown Seattle area, but with all these hills it makes it more difficult to get around. I can’t wait to hear about my donor’s trip to India while they are there and after the return. It is sure to be an amazing experience for them.