Eggs Donation has helped many women facing infertility issue to have kids in future. It helps women to get the opportunity to be pregnant and have promising family. At the KIC in Hyderabad offers complete egg donation service with the help of qualified surgeons. These surgeons ensure that women with infertility issue doesn’t face any issue and get the best treatment. The KIC  in Hyderabad offers successful IVF programme by using all the modern medical equipment and methods.

Egg donation in Hyderabad by successful surgeons helps couples in conceiving and also offers emotional support.

Why go for Donor Eggs?

Women are born with many natural eggs, but as the age grows there are complications in eggs and other health issues. Many women also delay having a family without realizing that they will find difficult in conceiving and end up having no family. Once the women reach the age of 40, the fertilization of eggs has less chance. Using IVF process, the donor eggs from younger woman with higher rate of success will help in getting pregnant.

Apart from age issue, the women may also face cancer and premature menopause issue. Women facing radiation for cancer treatment may also find difficult to produce eggs and conceive further.

Egg Donation from Professionals:

Egg donation is quite simple and involves less to zero risks. However, it depends on the technique used by surgeons and other aspects of treatment. Among the top IVF in Hyderabad, KIC is the one that handles the best service. Surgeons before conducting the process of egg donation, provide complete information about the process and cost with patients. These patients are mostly between 21 and 24 years old and undergo medical and genetic screening.

Every patient goes through proper screening to provide complete information like height, weight, hair colour and types. Moreover, they also need to offer educational record and occupation.

Till date, many patients in Hyderabad have gone through the egg donation process. By connecting with KIC, patients can get the best result to get the pregnant in the future.  Do connect with expert surgeons of KIC for more information on egg donation and the cost for the same.