Complexity of International Surrogacy Arrangements and differing Surrogacy Laws in different countries has led to may Intended Parents getting stuck up in complications involving Legality of this process.

For instance for American Cases the emphasis is on the parties in the International Surrogacy Agreement and the names on the Birth Certificates, which should match. for countries like UK, Spain etc., Surrogate Mother needs to be single otherwise her husband is considered to be the Legal Father of the child, some states in Australia only recognize Altruistic Surrogacy Arrangements and countries like France, Netherlands, Italy etc prohibit Surrogacy in any form.

Keeping in view this point in KIC we have constituted a in-house legal team that evaluates every case on Legal Perspective and then decides to enroll a particular case or not, this department also looks into providing of documentation post Birth of a child for all International Surrogacy Cases to ensure a smooth, safe and secure journey to all successful parents back home.