At KIC, our Fertility Consultants pay special attention on the initial assessment of the infertile couple as it forms the basis of the entire prognosis of infertility related problem and based on this, a right kind of fertility treatment protocol for such couples is designed.

The infertile couple undergoes a set of advance tests before the commencement of any kind of infertility treatment. These tests are comprehensive, detailed and are essential to determine the exact cause of infertility. These tests enables us to find out whether the couple is diagnosed with any other ailment which is effecting their fertility potential and treating the same and also helps us in determining which ART technique would be most suitable for a particular couple.

Female is advised to undergo trans-vaginal ultrasound to evaluate ovarian reserve & condition of uterus, basic blood tests etc.

Laparoscopy or hysteroscopy is advised in cases where there is an indication of such surgical intervention requirement after the initial workup.

Male needs to undergo a semen analysis to determine the quality & quantity of their sperm or whether there’s any trace of dysfunction associated. The mobility and motility are also checked along with basic blood tests.

Apart of these certain basic blood tests are carried out to rule out the occurrence of STD’s and conditions like PCOS and TB which effect an individual’s reproductive potential.

In initial assessment the patient in required to furnish all details of previous illnesses which may have an impact on types and dosage of medications and quantum of observation required in a particular case.

At KIC before enrolment, if a patient from out station and wishes to disclose or provide such information of tests undertaken by him/ her earlier or wants to undertake it at his/ her place of stay, an option of doing so is available as it considerably reduces the time of stay of the patient at our facility. In case the tests results are inconclusive then only a re-test or undertaking such test in our facility is requested for the patient.

Case Managers at KIC are working on daily basis to through coordination with various stake holders like our fertility consultants, patients, physicians based at patients place, donors etc. to constantly improvise on ways and methods to make the fertility treatment patient friendly and without causing much discomfort to the patient’s daily schedules by decreasing the numbers of visits and duration of stay that any patient has to invest in fertility treatment in our facility.