KIC in Chicago at the Medical Tourism Congress



It is the second to last day at the Medical Tourism Congress in the suburbs in Chicago. I have missed this city, but not the wind. I have learned a lot and am exhausted. Went to an educational seminar on how to use the media to promote your business for free. It made me realize how much work I have to do to promote KIC and our upcoming event in NYC. I have been researching blogs/forums to promote our event to, but I know there are so many more out there. If anyone reading this has any blog suggestions for me they would be appreciated.

It has also been good to meet my counterpart in India (Anjani). He has been able to help me understand different things at the clinic and in India. Anything I have questions about in regards to the program he is right here to explain it to me. It has been very useful.

Also while here in Chicago I am meeting with new IPs or those who want to learn more about our program. Tonight Anjani and I are going to dinner with one couple and tomorrow I will meet two more in downtown Chicago. I hope by meeting this people in person I can help to ease their apprehensions about traveling overseas for surrogacy/IVF.

Once I return to Seattle I have so much work to do. WOW.