KIC Expansion into the US



This is my very first time blogging. I thought I would give it a try in hopes to expand my knowledge of marketing, but also help in building the brand of the Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad, India.


My first few months have been dedicated to obtaining egg donors. Having been an egg donor myself previously this is quite simple for me. I am familiar with the process inside and out. However, finding girls who want to travel to India to donate has proven to be a bit more challenging. For every ad I post I get roughly 10 to 15 inquiries, but only receive 2 applications back. I am not sure if young women are intimidated by the length of the application or by the fact that they would have to travel to India if selected. Either way it is my job to help them understand more about India and what a great place it is to travel.


The next big task I have is building the brand here in the US known as KIC in US. We at the Kiran Clinic are planning a kickoff event on December 10th, 2011 in New York City. This event will be open to press and those who are interested in learning more about our services. I have reached out to so many hotels looking for the best rates, but winter in NY isn’t cheap. Also communicating with my team who is across the globe makes for a difficult turn around on decisions. We have the ad purchased and the date set, so hopefully we will pick a great hotel and be ready to move ahead. We hope that after this event in NYC peoples apprehensions about traveling to India for surrogacy will be eased.


One final task that I have as the new US Consultant for the Kiran Infertility Center is obtaining new clients. Reaching out to those who are looking at IVF and surrogacy options overseas. I help with talking to new clients who reach out to us on our website and answering their questions. I have to start bringing in new clients on my own. I have started with attending networking events in my local area, however I am brainstorming on what else I can do.