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At KIC we provide you with an access to everything that is required to make your Journey to Parenthood a great success. With a combined work experience of over 150 years in the field of Infertility our team of Experts, Physicians, Medical and Non- Medical Staff are dedicated to provide the most advanced, comprehensive and customized Infertility Treatments and Protocols for our Patients.

We have made phenomenal progress in the Super-Specialty of Surrogacy and Infertility Treatments and are one of the most successful clinics in India offering Infertility Treatments and Surrogacy Program. With our focus solely only on Infertility since our inception, we have been able to garner knowledge and valuable experience in this field which very few facilities can claim to possess.

At KIC we encourage our doctors in activities that help in exchange of Information and Expertise with some of the leading Surrogacy and Infertility Centre’s in the World. Our doctors are also a member of E.S.H.R.E. and A.S.R.M, I.S.A.R. and C.O.G.I. and our delegates are often invited to speak in these forums. These activities help us maintain a constant flow of information on the recent advances in Treatments, which ultimately helps Intended Parents attending our Facility to avail the latest Technology and Expertise.

With our presence in different fields related only to Infertility like Academics and Medical Research, Clinical Trials & Testing, Cryopreservation and Cryo-Vitrification, Shipping of Genetic Specimen, Semen Banking and Training of Doctors, Expertise Consulting in IVF & IUI Lab Installation & Maintenance you can be assured of a world class treatment environment with us.

With our International Intended Parent Clientele enrolled into our I.V.F. & Surrogacy Program, we understand that their Journey is more than Medical Treatment. We understand the stress they go through this process and their eagerness to know the progress of their case. We have designed a customized schedule for each of our Intended Parent and the same is provided to them during enrolment.

At KIC, We have an active Surrogacy Program with continuous availability of Surrogates through ART Bank.

Medical Screening and Maintenance of Donors is included in package and is done from Oocytes / Egg Donor Database with more than 50 Indian Donors and more than 50 Caucasian Donors enrolled with our partner ART Bank.

Process of Screening, Maintenance, Medication, and Compensation for Surrogate is also included in our Surrogacy packages, the services for enrolment and maintenance of Surrogate Mothers is undertaken through an experienced ART Bank which has an experience of over 10 years in this field and is up-to date with all the regulations as-well as medical and non-medical protocols to ensure the wellbeing and interests of Intended Parents, Surrogates and all related parties,

With optimum use of technology we provide Intended Parents with all necessary Medical and Non-Medical Updates including Video Scans over e-mail.

All our facilities are connected through Wi-Fi to provide our patients a seamless communication environment when you are with us. Our International Intended Parents are provided with basic and advanced communication devices such as Mobile Phones, Laptop’s based on availability, Wi-Fi Sticks to help them to communicate to their near and dear ones back in their own country.

We here at KIC through our international I.V.F. and Surrogacy Programs try to provide you a Single Window Solution for all your queries in your journey to Parenthood.

Ultimately it is the expertise and results of treatment of one facility that speak more about the facility, irrespective of other factors like region, location, country, and other services. You can have more information regarding us on our Facebook Page at: