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The women and child development (WCD) ministry of India has proposed to the health ministry to allow Surrogacy to everyone, including unmarried couples and those in live-in relationships etc. In its comments sent to the health ministry on the proposed Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) bill, 2013, the ministry has opined that surrogacy should be allowed to everyone, irrespective of marriage.

According to the definition of “couple” (as stated by health ministry) narrow, the WCD has suggested that the definition of “couple should include everyone who wants to avail Assisted Reproductive Technologies and surrogacy, irrespective of marriage.”

Reacting and welcoming the Latest development Dr. Samit Sekhar who is IVF and Surrogacy program Director at Kiran Infertility Centre

“Hopefully this recommendation will turn things around for the Indian medical Tourism Industry which right now is going through a very lean phase much like other major sectors of the economy”. In today’s  ever shrinking global network a country like India which hopes to become a global power should not be chained in narrow mind-sets which discriminate on behalf of Gender and sexual orientation”

According to Dr. Sekhar “The ministry is also of the view that women above 21 years with conditions like height below 140 cm, women with low Body Mass Index (BMI) and with high risk conditions like cardiovascular diseases, thyroid problem should be excluded from the process. It has also proposed that the contravention to this stipulation should attract a fine to an offence punishable under the proposed act”.

Considering the health risks that a surrogate entails, the WCD has said that the draft bill should “incorporate provisions of compensation to the surrogate and her family in cases of any health complications or death.” Also, according to the WCD, there should be some provision in case the child born due to some deficiency needs to be with the Surrogate mother till the baby is handed over to the surrogate parents”.

About the Author:
Dr. Samit Sekhar
IVF and Surrogacy Program Director.
Kiran Infertility Centre, Hyderabad.