Testimonial from Jairo Chaikin

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Congratulations Jairo Chaikin

Today the 6th September 2013, marks the day when Jairo from Brazil becomes a first time parent ! His baby boy weighing 2600 gms was born today, born and conceived by the Gestational Surrogacy program at the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad, India.
Congratulations Jairo Chaikin from Brazil! you have 2 beautiful daughters born today at 10: 40 am IST, through the Gestational Surrogacy program at the Kiran Infertility Center , Hyderabad, India- today, 26th August 2013 at 10:40 am.

Testimonial from Kate & Glenn

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Our journey with the Kiran infertility Centre , stared 2 years ago around Christmas time…
After 5 years of trying to have a baby here in Toronto, Canada we were looking for a miracle and we found it on CNN. We watched a show about the Kiran infertility center and possibilities of surrogacy in India. Let me give you a bit of background – we started to try to have a baby in early 2005 after several months and many trips to our family doctor and specialist nobody could tell us why it was not happening.
This is what we tried:
– Chinese acupuncture
– Chinese herbal teas
– Naturopath help- I has 3 different surgeries to see if there is a reason I cannot get pregnant and nothing was found and due to the surgeries one of my fallopian tubes was damaged and it had to be removed
– we tried first fertility clinic, but they were just way too expensive for us
– we moved to another fertility clinic and we tried many IUI and had 2 unsuccessfully IVFs
– after 5 long years I was not only diagnosed with UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY, but also we had to refinance our condo and take another line of credit to cover the medical expensed that are not covered by OHIP or our insurances.
– we also started to look into adoption, but with the wait-time and amount of debts we had there were very slim chances… So, another sad Christmas was coming and we were thinking of we should try one more IVF as we still had some money available to us from the line of credit, but we were really scared, as this was our last chance and if this would not work we had no more money and we knew that there are no guarantees… and suddenly we saw the show on CNN ( you can probably watch it on YouTube)My husband Glenn did all the research about off different clinics in India and we contacted a few of them and we received a message from Dr. Samit Sekhar who is the program director and we really had a good feeling. We joint the clinics online social networking page contacted other intended parents and received first hand information. We spoke to Dr. Samit many times over internet and we received all the info we needed and in April 2011 we went to India. I went first and my husband joins me a week later, as he did not have so much vacation time. Our experience in India was great, the staff was fantastic and everything went well, but our surrogate did not get pregnant, after receiving the news we were heartbroken, however we knew we had 4 tries, so we were just waiting and we trusted Dr. Samit And Dr. Kiran Sekhar very much. After a few long months in November 2011 we got the news that the surrogate was pregnant and it was the first Christmas that was truly great for us! We were over the moon. During the pregnancy we were receiving scans and reports every 10 days and on June 20 the case manager Anjani emailed us that the surrogate was showing signs of labor and I flew to India on June 21 and our Zoe was born on June 22, well I did miss the birth, as the trip was so long, but it did not matter. We had a baby that we wanted for such a long long time. My husband came a week later and it took us exactly 6 weeks from the time Zoe was born to get all the papers done and on August 5 we came back to Canada.If not for the Doctors and the Staff at the clinic we would never had a baby. Our Zoe will be 6 months old just before Christmas and there are not words to describe how much happiness she brought to our lives. I would strongly recommend the Kiran Infertility center to infertile patients. We are planning a little brother or sister for our Zoe with the Kiran Infertility Center and expecting some good news soon.

Hi from Tran Family in USA!

tran-family-USAHi from Tran Family in USA!

Hi Dr. Samit, Anjani,
How are you doing?
Natalie and Nicole are doing very well. They weight almost 8 lbs. today. We miss Hyderabad and Sai Kiran

Hope we will return someday to visit and say thanks again!




Testimonial from Claudia & Edisson

claudia-edissonTestimonial from Claudia & Edisson

We can’t thank enough Dr. Samit, Anjani and everyone else who helped us become a family. We are planning on a brother or sister for Joshua soon and, Kiran is where we will go for that!We found out about Surrogacy in India after years of painful disappointments, miscarriages and after losing hope. With some research mostly in Internet we decided for Kiran and couldn’t be happier about our decision. We started our journey around April of 2011 by signing our agreement. We knew this was meant to be when we got pregnant at the very first at-tempt! New parents and without knowing much about surrogacy we had many questions that Dr. Samit and Anjani answered with patience and understanding. We waited anxiously for the ultrasounds and reports of our baby and before we knew, we were part of the Kiran family sharing with them the most important experience of our lives. Our baby boy Joshua was born a few weeks early and although that created some anxiety on our side, the support of everyone at Kiran was what we expected and more.~ Claudia, Edisson and Joshua

Testimonial from Albert & Amin

albert-aminTestimonial from Albert & Amin

On my first visit to India I asked Dr. Samit why he did this and specifically, why he worked with gay people wanting to be parents. His answer will forever ring in my heart. Because in-deed, No one should dictate who can love and raise a child based on preconceived prejudices. If there is true love and a heartfelt desire to create and raise your own family, do so.

It is said that good things come to those who wait. It could not be any truer in our case! After contacting and exchanging emails with surrogacy agencies, we found our match with Kiran Infertility Center. In December 2010 we signed our agreement and began our journey preparing to be parents within a year. Nature had better plans for us! After my first visit to Hyderabad India in March we thought that within a year from then we’d be parents. Again, Nature had better plans for us. 2011 came and went and we started getting a bit discouraged. Was it us? Are we too old? Were we not meant to be parents? Was it a sign that we should give up? Through this process, Anjani and Dr. Samit were very supportive. Reading about people who had started this journey with us and after us becoming parents was a bit intimidating, and they were able to explain to us in a way we could understand that science, technology and nature must come together at the right time to achieve success.

2012 began with our renewed determination to “help wake our baby from sleep in another place and join us here on Earth”. This time everything came together at the right time and we received good news in June! We were pregnant! We have felt the pain of losing babies during the first trimester and were on pins and needles through the first 12 weeks again! Anjani and Dr. Samit kept us updated without over promises yet still positive. The bi-weekly updates were just enough information to keep us excited and still on an even keel. I had asked the team at KIC to please give me notice so that I could be present for my baby’s birth. I had envisioned that day to be during an Indian Holiday and had even asked about what festivities would be happening around the time of my baby’s expected delivery date.

Unfortunately, there were none in that time period. Nature had her own plans! I received the call on January 10, 2013 at about 11 am from Anjani. In his typical casual voice he told me that our surrogate had elevated blood pressure and that meant the time was close! I had about 2 hours to rush home and pack to make the next flight to India! As a true father, I forgot to pack almost everything we had been preparing for this event. I forgot baby bottles, baby formula, and all the things that dads are supposed to be in charge of bringing for a birth!

Anjani said that there would be baby stores close to the Service Apartment I would be staying at where I could redeem myself. Sure enough, there were two shopping centers close by with enough baby items that I was able to prepare for my baby’s birth. The Service Apartment is a blessing because Saly, with her years of experience in baby care, was able to tell me exactly what I would be needing, and in weeks to come, how to properly care for my newborn!

Magen Sophia was born on January 14. If that day was not special enough, the country’s sky was filled with a myriad, if not more, of kites flown by children and children at heart! You see, she was born on an Indian holiday after all! Makar Sankranti. A day that observes the winter harvest and the coming of Spring. Makar Sankranti signifies that we should turn away from the darkness of delusion in which we live, and begin to enjoy a new life with bright light within us to shine brighter and brighter. We should gradually begin to grow in purity, wisdom and knowledge even as the Sun does from the Day of Makar Sankranti.

If this day could have been completely orchestrated by Kiran Infertility Clinic, it still could not have been as perfect a day for my daughter’s birth. A day with so much color in the sky. Happy children on roof tops. And a reminder that we must always move towards the Light and never to Dakness. The hospital staff where my daughter was born was so helpful and understanding. I had initial concerns over hospital settings I am familiar with and a hospital in India which I had never been to. Quickly I learned that the hospital’s concern over my baby’s health and well-being was a top priority, as was the health and well being of every baby born there. Were there any hiccups during my stay in Hyderabad? Sure. No trip of any kind would be complete without some. But Anjani and KIC made sure that I had everything I needed in paperwork as they were hearing was needed from offices in charge of our departure visas.

Regulations and laws are constantly changing these days in India for surrogacy. That means more paperwork. KIC keeps up with these demands even if last minute! I can certainly understand a busy season demands much attention and Anjani could be counted on being at the office until late hours. When I was denied an exit Visa letter from FRRO until the date they had designated I should receive it, they spoke to the officials concerned and made sure that I had that letter with enough time to calm my nerves down and pack for our journey home. I left India February 14th with a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift! Concerns over surrogates and their health and well-being are real. We will always be appreciative for what our surrogate did for us. I told her that her gift to us would never be taken for granted. It may take time and perseverance, but really, Great things come to those who wait!

~Albert and Amin

Testimonial from James & Matt

james-mattTestimonial from James & Matt

There is an energy in India, at once magnetic and peaceful, that pulled us there to begin our journey to father-hood, in late 2010. We never hesitated or doubted that this was absolutely the right decision for us. In April 2012, we returned to Hyderabad be there for the birth of our twin sons, Fox Henry and Foster Wesley. Our boys have been thriving ever since.

Throughout every phase of the process, everyone at Kiran Infertility Center was dedicated, thoughtful, and, in short, amazing. Fox and Foster‟s many smiles reinforce how lucky we are to have dis-covered Dr. Samit and the team.




Testimonial from Richard

richardTestimonial from Richard

“Jacob is now just over 2 years old, and growing up to be a loving, healthy, bright and inquisitive boy, full of vitality. He was conceived through ‘IVF’ by Dr. Sekhar and carried to term in July 2010 by a wonderful lady who lived at the Kiran IVF Center during the entire pregnancy. I was fortunate to meet her after Jacob’s birth and convey my sincere gratitude. It goes without saying that my gratitude also extends to Dr. Samit Sekhar, his expertise, and the services provided through the Kiran Infertility Center, for Jacob, and, that he is in my life.”

Richard A. Lukjaniec Architect, RIBA



Testimonial from Felix Yang

felix-yangTestimonial from Felix Yang

“I could not have done all these without the help of my family and friends, and of course the Kiran Infertility Center and their surrogates. The road to become a parent was not smooth for me but my ultimate turning point was signing up with KIC after talking to Dr. Samit and several other parents who had worked with KIC in the past. Then nine months after my three girls were born. KIC helped me through every single step along the way. They have my highest praise!”

I grew up in a city south of China and moved to Canada in 1995 with my family. As a child, I had always been the loving one who brought home little pets. I’ve had three cats, two rabbits, a turtle, don’t-remember-how-many chicken, ducks, fish, and pigeons. I brought them home, played with them for a few days, and then my parents would raise them for me. This didn’t seem to have stopped at childhood as eight months ago I brought home three little babies and needless to say, my parents are helping me raise them.

The thought of having a baby on your own may scare some people – having triplets on your own is definitely not for the faint of heart. But as a single father of three girls, I could not be happier. They are very different in personalities. Kay-lee is the oldest – two minutes older than her twin sister Megan. She does not have any patience; she would scream on top of her lungs if you don’t give her what she wants. Megan is quiet, shy, and the laziest; she would extend her fat arm to fetch a toy but if she can’t reach it, she would either turn to another toy or big tears coming down her face cry for help instead of crawling to reach it – as a result she is the biggest in size but where you put her is where she will be. Eva is about two weeks younger than her sisters, smallest in size, but she is smart, playful, active, and loud like a bird. She figured out how to sit and crawl herself and now she is constantly exploring the forbidden dark corners.

I haven’t brought home any more little pets since my daughters came home. They seem to be keeping me fairly occupied. Some people asked me whether I would have more babies – I think I have enough of those…..well except maybe if it’s a boy! My parents are still young and healthy! Just kidding??

Felix Yang

Surrogacy - felixI would like to sincerely thank everyone at the Kiran clinic for all the help and support during our stay in India. It was a long trip but we were well taken care of at your service apartment from every aspect; we were able to come home on time without any changes to our scheduled return flights because of your professionalism in handling the paperwork, prompt responses to my inquiries and difficulties, and quick reaction to unexpected events. I greatly appreciate everything. I am happy to have met so many new friends on this trip and come home safely and on time with my three beautiful daughters. Occasionally I would wonder whether I did the right thing as you can probably imagine having three babies at the same time is not an easy job, especially when I am so tired and my girls just wouldn’t stop crying – but whenever I look at their faces, I know that I did the right thing and I am a very lucky man. I can’t wait till the day they call me daddy and jump on my laps. They are absolutely adorable; everywhere we go they are the centre of the attention; everybody loves them! Thank you once again – you have my highest praise!

Testimonial from Lea & Mike

lea-mikeTestimonial from Lea & Mike

“We are so glad we decided to go ahead with the surrogacy process at Kiran Infertility Center and will always be grateful to everyone involved in making our wildest dreams come true!”

Dr. Kiran Sekhar celebrated her birth day on 26th July. She is our medical Director and the main reason be-hind the Success of our IVF and Surrogacy program. Her untiring hard work, skill and dedication has brought happiness and joy to thousands of infertile couples from across the globe.

Lea & Mike got together on Halloween in 2000 and after four years of living in the UK they moved to Germany and got married in 2004. They wanted to start a family straight away but things just didn’t work out that way. After four years of trying She had to have an operation which took away the option of having biological children the natural way. The couple first considered adoption and were also accepted as prospective adoptive parents, but the chances were very slim in the area. This is how they decided that surrogacy was the way for them.

They always had very strong links to India, so it was clear from the beginning that this India was the place they would want to go for surrogacy. One of their friends was on lookout for prospective clinics to undergo Surrogacy in India and finally recommended Kiran Infertility Center because his overall impression was that the clinic was very professional and helpful. A call with Dr. Samit did push up things in motion. Almost exactly one year later they returned to Hyderabad for the birth of their two beautiful sons!!!

According to Lea and Ben “Life has not been the same ever since, Jack and Ben have enriched our lives in so many ways and we are so happy that we made that call more than three years ago. As we could not use my eggs, the clinic selected an amazing lady as our egg donor and we’re absolutely stunned at how perfectly this has worked out. I’ve actually lost count of how many times we’ve been told how much the boys look like me or even my parents!

Jack and Ben are nearly 2 and a half years old now – they are little chatterboxes and amaze us every day with the way they see the world. Jacky is the most conscientious 2-year-old you will ever meet in your life. He is also the older one by two minutes, so he obviously sees himself as the big brother and keeps reprimanding Ben and explaining the world to him. Benny is a free spirit who comes up with funny new sounds every day and loves nothing more than getting as messy as possible. Well, maybe fire engines and cake. ”

Testimonial from Michael & Ashton

michael-ashtonTestimonial from Michael & Ashton

The decision to become parents was the scariest decision Michael and I ever made in our lives. The fear of the unknown had never scared us before like it did with the idea of having an-other human-being 100% dependent upon us. We were the definition of spontaneous, deciding to go to the beach on a Thurs-day morning and being there Thursday night kind of crazy spontaneity. We loved our life pre baby and were scared to death how it would change.

Needless to say 2 years and three months after the birth of our precious baby girl Ashton, we are still at times scared to death. But we are beginning to get our bearings as parents. We may not be as spontaneous as we once were but we have never been happier. We owe this happiness to the wonderful Dr’s and staff at the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad. India.

From the first visit to the clinic in 2009, to the birth of our baby in 2010,Kiran Infertility Center made our surrogacy experience better than we could have ever imagined. Before going to India we had pursued many avenues in the US, from surrogacy to private adoption. All avenues lead to dead ends and now we are very thankful for what were at the time great disappointments. Our process at the Kiran Infertility Center took exactly 12 months. In that 12 months we had 1 failed attempt at inseminating, one miscarriage at 12 weeks and one full term baby girl we love with all our hearts. Through it all, the good and the sad. We trusted that the Doctors at the Kiran Infertility Center would deliver to us a healthy baby. They exceeded all our expectations and dreams!

“We now consider the Dr’s and staff at the Kiran Infertility Center to be part of our family. They made it possible for us to create our family and for that we will be forever grateful”

All the Best, Brad, Michael & Ashton

Testimonial from Richard and Russell

richard-and-russellTestimonial from Richard and Russell

Richard and Russell are both originally from Indiana. They met at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to earn their undergraduate degrees. Russell was the pianist for Richard’s private voice lessons. The two became an official couple in 1998. After graduation, Richard and Russell made the big move to New York, where Richard pursues his singing career and Russell teaching at Tappan Zee High School, serving as Director of Choral Activities. Richard enjoys gardening and landscaping when he doesn’t have Rhys in his arms. He also enjoys learning new music repertoire to try out on Rhys and making song recordings with our in house mini studio. His first and most favorite current hobby is taking pictures of Rhys and making videos. Their journey all started about a year ago when they decided they were ready to be fathers and started researching their options for surrogacy. Once they made the final decision to go with Dr. Samit and his team, they knew they had chosen wisely. The rest fell into place and on January 17th their greatest joy (and stress) came into play when they received word that their new baby was on his way. “It was literally like being on the “Amazing Race‟ but the prize was even better than any dollar amount,” stated Richard and Russell.

Surrogacy - Richard and russell







Here we are at the convention in NYC with some of the amazing people helping addto our family! Thank you all so much.

Testimonial from Alba Citlali, Carlos & Christofer

Dr. Samit, Anjani, Greeting from France, It has been more than 5 years since we wanted to achieve a dream: become fathers. Life had decided that we had to go through different experiences until make the step to write to different clinic and get rapidly in touch with Kiran Infertility Center (KIC)… Their disposition, their clarity and all those small details made the difference to choose them… But the biggest difference came in April 2012, last year, when we both stared at the picture of Miquel and Daniela, two recent baby twin born, of a Spanish gay couple with which KIC put us in touch to share their experience months ago. KIC made their dream come true, why not for us? So, by the end of July 2012 we flew to Hyderabad full of hope, illusion and emotion. 5 unforgettable days… How could we forget our first meeting with Dr. Samit and Anjani full of respect and shyness? What about the city:  full of history, contrast, a melt of religions, noise, colors and people smiling all day long no matter what…

Days after we were back home. Then, we received a mail from Anjani explaining that the implantation of our first embryos had been done after fertilization. Days seemed years, until one Wednesday afternoon of October, Anjani prudently wrote us that our beta value was high enough to be possibly pregnant… At this moment, everything changed… We couldn´t wait to project ourselves in our new life and wondering: are they two? Just one? A boy? A girl? Luckily, Anjani confirmed us soon that we were pregnant of one. The countdown just began… Days after days, weeks after weeks Anjani kept in touch with us through pictures and video where we could see our future baby growing and ensure that the surrogate was well…

When on Thursday May 2nd Anjani told us that 24 to 48 hours were remaining for the baby to be born we just cried. The baby we had been waiting for years was just about to come. We flew to Hyderabad for the second time and discovered the same city: from sunrise to sunset, people in the street, cars, noise, colors and smiles… a lot of smiles… One of those was the one of our baby: Alba Citlali was sleeping so peacefully waiting for us with a smile on her mouth. But how could you be so grateful to Dr. Samit and Anjani for all this work accomplished? Dr. Samit has the ability and humility to give life and Anjani to be the frame of all this magic managing all the steps of the process. Together they just had made our dream come true. So are those two words enough? THANK YOU?

But more than a dream, we also wanted to thank them for so many lessons they have been giving us and that we would be proud to teach to Alba Citlali. Anjani, we learnt from you the respect of others´ work, as each person has its way to work: you were so effective, you never stopped to be here even if we didn’t saw you, we knew you were acting. Dr. Samit, we would love Alba to have your humility: you treat each case with hope and do your best to make family dreams come true. But our stay would not have been so unforgettable without the hospitality of each person we met there. In the Hotel, we were received every day with so much distinction, always with a smile and asking for Alba. Finally, we would love to see Alba surrounded by so much colors and be smiling all day long as all the people we met no matter who they were…

In the end… It is said that the beauty of a place is not made by the landscape but by the people that give life to it. For this adventure, the beauty of this dream is full of color and people smiling.

To Dharani U., Dr. Samit, Anjani, M. Singh, Saji and all the Park Hotel team THANKS for making our live a colorful smiley DREAM.
The best for you.
Alba Citlali, Carlos & Christofer

Testimonial from Mr and Mrs G



Testimonial from Mr and Mrs G

Hi Dr. Samit, Anjani & Sai Raj,
We are finally home and the girls are getting used to the weather and environment here. They turned 3 months last week. It took some time for them to adjust to changes here but they are catching up and doing great.
We could not thank you enough for giving us these precious angels. Your care was a constant presence every step of the way. We could not have come this far without you guys. Thank you so much for making our dream come true. We will be in touch.

Steve & Fauzia’s baby boy born today!



Steve & Fauzia’s baby boy born today!

Congrats Steve-Fauzia from NJ,USA on the birth of our healthy boy born through gestational surrogacy 19/3/12@11:30 am. 7 lbs.




Testimonial from Russell Wagoner

Surrogacy - richard russell testimonial


Russell Wagoner

Fantastic news! Rhys got his exit stamp today and we are headed back to the states tomorrow night and should be in NY 7 AM Saturday. We couldn’t have gotten it through as fast without Dr. Samit Sekhar, Anjani Kumar, and those at the Kiran Infertility Center. They are AMAZING! (Our exit stamp was the fastest it has even been processed!) Bringing’ the Baby back home!



Testimonial from Bret and Anna Parker

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-111


We had been married for 3 years when I had an operation which led to us not being able to have biological children the natural way. We started to look into possible infertility centers in India. It was fantastic having someone local (Hyderabad) who could actually have a look at prospective clinics and finally recommended Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad because the first impression he had of the clinic was very professional and helpful.

Unfortunately, I had only produced two reasonably good eggs which ultimately failed to lead to a pregnancy. We were devastated, but the clinic gave us the option of using an American egg donor they had worked with successfully before.

We were sent a picture of the lady with her beautiful girl. We immediately had the feeling that this was the right choice for us. The lady traveled to Hyderabad a few weeks later, three good quality eggs were implanted into our surrogate and two weeks later we received the fantastic news – we were pregnant!!!

At the end of February we traveled to Hyderabad again and on March 1 we finally met our two beautiful boys. As they were four weeks premature they had to spend 4 days at a state of the art children’s hospital just around the corner from the clinic where they were looked after perfectly.

We then had to apply for passports for our sons which was a relatively lengthy process, but we got all the support we needed from Dr. Samit and his team. We are now back home with our boys and can not imagine life without them anymore.

We are so glad we decided to go ahead with the surrogacy process at Kiran Infertility Center and will always be grateful to everyone involved in making our dream come true – everyone at the clinic, the egg donor and of course the lady who was prepared to give us the most precious gift of all – a family of our own! To get in touch with Bret and Anna, contact Bret.Anna@yahoo.com

Testimonial from Tracy and Gary

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-2We first met Dr. Kiran and Dr. Samit in Barcelona ( Spain) at the annual ESHRE fertility conference in 2008 as we were looking to have IVF treatment using donor eggs and donor sperm. We were immediately impressed with their knowledge and obvious expertise in this field and traveled to India in September 2008. As a British couple we were made to feel extremely welcome in India. The clinic provided airport pickup and accommodation, as well as a member of staff who accompanied us for the first few days until we settled in.

The treatment we received was first class. The procedure was clearly explained to us and the doctors were available every day at the clinic or a phone call away at night.

Sadly our attempt at IVF was not successful, but the care understanding and constant support we received at the clinic means we will never give up and we will be returning to India very soon.

We wish to thank Dr. Kiran and Dr. Samit for their continued support and advice. If anyone would like to ask us any more questions about our experience or the clinic please email us.

The Incredible Story of US Gay Couple- Brad and Michael !

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-3Brad Fister and Michael’s daughter, who they named Ashton, is the first surrogate child of an American couple in Hyderabad. Fister had come to Kiran Infertility Center last year when he donated his sperm which was fused with an egg donated by an Indian egg donor. The resultant embryo was then implanted in a surrogate mother and this entire procedure was carried out at KIC, a first such case of two dads. The child was delivered by the surrogate mother and Fister says the baby girl is his reflection with his “chin and lips’’.

For those like US citizen Brad Fister, surrogacy is a boon. An interior designer, Fister says he always wanted a baby but adoption norms in the US are difficult. He came to Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad ( India) after watching an Oprah Winfrey Show episode on surrogacy. For many couples, India is also a safe haven given that commercial surrogacy was legalised in 2002. Besides, the country has an additional advantage of the biological mother not staking claim to the child.

But if half the battle was about a pregnancy clicking, the remaining half was about getting the paperwork in place. Fister, for instance, underwent a DNA test along with his daughter at the US Consulate, for the child’s birth certificate. This was followed by an interview at the Foreign Registration Office at Uranium Haveli for the child’s visa. At this point even the surrogate mother was also interviewed and her consent taken.

US citizen Brad Fister (29) carefully cradled his 22-day-old baby who carries his genes but is ‘made’ at ‘Kiran Infertility Center’, before he leaves for Kentucky, US, where he lives with his same- sex partner Michael. Fister said he was very happy he was leaving India with ‘his’ daughter!

Patri and Shannon

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-4


The happy Shannon and Patri Friedmann (from California, USA) with Dr. Kiran. Their baby girl Iselle was born on 30-Aug 2010.


Post Menopausal Woman Became a Mother at the Age of 52 years

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-5The efforts to utilize science has set benchmarks in the cases of unfortunate childless, infertile and post menopause women becoming mothers. A patient aged 52 years (resident of Hyderabad ,India) with primary infertility, had come to inquire regarding the possibilities of pregnancy post menopause by Oocyte donation from her young relative and sperm from her husband (aged about 63 years). On general examination, she was found to be Mild Hypertensive with a weight of about 60 kgs. She was menopausal since the past 4 years and this was confirmed by blood investigations and Ultra sonography.

With the consent of both the husband and wife for the procedure, the Patient was kept on the hormone Estrogen, to which she responded by producing Endometrium lining. After 25 days of Estrogen Therapy (on 5th October 2001), she underwent embryo transfer, where three embryos were transferred and she was kept on hormonal support. The Oocyte was donated by one of her relatives (aged about 25 years) who already had children.

She tested positive to a Pregnancy test (24th October 2001) and on Ultra sonography. (1st November 2001), she was detected to have a viable Intrauterine pregnancy. Then on, she was routinely under observation, the well being of the pregnancy being monitored by Ultra sonography. She carried the pregnancy till term and underwent a Caesarian section (13 June 2002), delivering a male baby weighing 2.8Kgs (6.17 Lbs). The baby and her elated mother were discharged from the hospital after 72 hrs

Pregnancy after 14 micarriages

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-6A patient, who after 14 missed abortions, had successfully delivered a boy baby after taking treatment at our Clinic. This is one of our greatest achievements.


Testimonial from Jyothsna and Ashok

I am very very happy and do not have words to express my feelings and the respect I have for you and Dr. Kiran. We are writing this letter to express our great appreciation for your patience, dedication and work. Before we come to you our life was at all time low. Thank you for giving us peace of mind and our freedom to think without stress like we had in last few years. Thanks to you & your entire team. We are thankful everyday that we were able to get treatment from your hands.

Visiting Sai Kiran IVF Clinic has sure changed our lives. I thank God for the day we took the decision to visit Hyderabad and meet you. I would recommend or rather request other couples with similar problems to immediately visit Sai Kiran Infertility Clinic to get their problems sorted out. Thank you once again Doctors.

Jyothsna and Ashok


Testimonial from Abiy Mekoya

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-7Mulu and myself are proud parents of little Matthew, wonderful little creature.We thank you for all your emotional support all step of the way. I felt bad I did not write you lately. I just did not want to bother you.

What was interesting was that Mulu had a PROM at 28 weeks of gestation and had to be in hospital for over 6 weeks in strict bed rest. Luckily Matthew did not need to be incubated, to be on oxygen or even to go to NICU.

He was as active as he should be and three days after her C/S, we went home. Now we are enjoying every moment of our time with him. It is an amassing feeling.

I am reading good reviews about your clinic and please keep up the good work.

Keep in touch.

If you happen to come to the US , please e-mail me in advance so that we arrange a visit to our home and places of interest.

Say hi to your mother and all the staff.

Thank you again


Contact: drably@yahoo.com

Testimonial from Richard Lukjaniec

Richard was blessed with a healthy baby boy-he lovingly named – Jacob

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Testimonial from Charlie Maxwell and Corey

The pictures speak for themselves! The elated Charlie and Corey!

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-14Surrogacy - testimonials-img-13Surrogacy - testimonials-img-12
Charlie and Cory with their son Haven Justice
 Surrogacy - testimonials-img-11 Surrogacy - testimonials-img-10 Surrogacy - testimonials-img-9

We have been together over 10 years and have been trying to start a family for the last five years with no success, when a friend mentioned we should check into surrogacy in India . We were in contact with the Kiran clinic and before we knew it we booked our trip to India . We felt very welcomed at Kiran clinic and Dr. Samit took the time to answer all our questions. We are happy to announce we are pregnant, about 22 weeks along. We cannot wait to go back to India the end of November to pick up our new baby. A big thank you to Dr. Samit and all the other IP we have met thus far in this journey. Of course the biggest thanks goes to our surrogate, who is giving us the best gift of all.

You can contact Charlie and Corey at


Testimonial from Justin Grenier and Helene Bouchard

Surrogacy - Helene Justin 1     Surrogacy - Helene Justin 2     Surrogacy - testimonials-img-15

Thank you everyone. We really appreciate! We would like to make a special thank to Dr. Samit, Dr. Kiran and all the members of their staff for their professionalism and dedication. Our most cherished dream is now reality! We are very grateful to the clinic because without their support, we could never have fulfilled the dream of having kids. Thank you again.

A letter from one of our newest IPs Curt & Kristy

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-16Twenty six hours on the plane and I’m finally home. Thank you Dr. Samit and Anjani for being such wonderful hosts. Everything was perfect. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail made my stay effortless. India is a country very unlike the U.S. and without your help I could never had managed. India is lovely country and Kristy and I are hoping to explore more of it on our return visit, if we should be so blessed.


From one of our Intended Parent’s from Japan!

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-17Dear Dr. Samit & Anjani,

We have returned home safe and sound.
Thank you so much for your excellent service.
It is amazing to think we’ve come so far as to enter into surrogacy agreement far away from Japan, but we have no anxiety about our decision, now that we know you are providing the best treatment possible for us.

The welcome dinner over local music at an elegant restaurant in Taj Krishna was tasty and enjoyable.
Above all, it is really nice to have a chance to know more about our doctor and coordinator.
(I am sending a photo of the dinner.)
Mr & Mrs A

T F Intended Parents

Surrogacy - T & F Intended parentsDear Dr. Samit, Dr. Kiran, Anjani, and all the staff at Kiran,

Thank you all so much for what you have done for us. The experience was very pleasant and it was very easy to work with you. We truly appreciate everyone who is helping us along our journey.





Angela Tassistro

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-001Angela Tassistro

I am so truly happy for the new parents. You are so blessed! Congrats to the clinic on your success. Kevin and I are excited to begin our journey with you all next month.



Rayavaram N Raghu

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-002Rayavaram N Raghu

no words to express our gratitude…..thanks a lot for each and every one in the center



Testimonial from Manon and Marc

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-003Manon and Marc- who had twins in January 2011!

Message from a proud new Dad…: It is with immense and indescribable happiness that I’m announcing the birth of our twins: Maika, our daughter and Yanni, our son! Both were born on January 30, 2011 in beautiful INDIA!! About a week after birth, they were discharged from a good hospital and came with us at the hotel!! Another magic moment. The family’s arrival at the Taj hotel was greeted and celebrated by wonderful staff member and friends with a beautiful cake and words of welcome offered by the employees of the hotel who so kindly took us under their wing.

Not even 2 weeks and 2 days later, we are on our way home! We will miss India and can’t wait to come back.

Magic? A little bit yes but mostly, we owe all this to our wonderful Surrogate, to Dr. Samit, to the KIRAN CLINIC amazing team, and to all the loving people who have supported us in this adventure. Thank you!!

I can’t finish without thanking my wonderful wife. We hoped for children for almost ten years but life had other plans for us… I almost lost my love to a severe paralysis and it is with love, courage, and determination that she stayed alive. We would have never thought that a few years later she was to bring us all the way to India so we would realize our lifelong dream of becoming parents.

In June 2010 we were heading to India and already a couple of weeks later, our Surrogate was pregnant! Only a few months have passed since and we were already back to India welcoming our twins to the world; the love of our lives!

Our path is neither simple nor traditional but we would not change a thing. Having a surrogate in India is an experience filled with love and gratitude. Two families helping each other from one side of the planet to the other and who completely and mutually transform each other’s life. Every cell of our being is grateful for these extraordinary women who have helped us build our family. On her part, our surrogate’s and her family’s life has also been transformed. This experience, filled with sensitivity, demonstrates that simple and fundamental family values transcend geography and culture. Our meeting with our Surrogate transformed us. Love and gratitude, felt by both sides, made the words useless and completely broke down language barriers.

When I see my wife tenderly holding and looking a our little Maika and little Yanni, I have the profound feeling and conviction that all is right in the universe. YES, WE’RE PARENTS!

Michael Milligan

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-006Michael Milligan

A truly incredible time in our lives. Thanks to everyone at KIC who made this miracle happen.








Manon and Marc

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-009Our twins are now 5 months old!!! Both are still very healthy, growing fast, and of course…the greatest love of our lives.

We are very happy parents and we are still having a hard time believing how amazingly lucky we are:) We sometimes receive questions from other IPs so we thought we would share more details about our amazing journey with you all:)

After only 2 weeks+2days in India last February 2011, we brought back our newborn twins home without any problem at all!! All our fears, one after the other, just vanished as we saw how well everything was managed by the Clinic. Dr. Samit at the Kiran Clinic is the amazing Embryologist who has accompanied us all along this journey towards parenthood. The best advice we can give you is to ask Dr. Samit directly all your medical questions and to trust he’s going to make every effort to guide you honestly and kindly. He and his great team of professionals have been our guides in our journey and we have built solid trust in them. Before we went back a second time to welcome our babies to the world, we had the immense pleasure to meet Dr. Samit and his team during our first trip to India. We keep the fantastic memories of it all.

At the very beginning of our journey, we had to chose a clinic and that’s when we used all our contacts. We have Canadian and American citizenships. We called people in different Embassies, contacts in India, etc. We were literally obsessed researching and were afraid we would not make the right decision. Although we both have very demanding professions, this was the most stressful thing we had ever done. After all, isn’t it THE biggest, most important and most amazing thing we would ever do in our lives….

We kept on receiving good reviews about the Kiran Clinic everywhere we asked. From day one we knew we had chosen the right team. We were and are still very happy with our choice:)

The Indian authorities worked very efficiently with the Clinic’s representative. All went very smoothly and our case manager from the Clinic was giving us all we needed as we needed it. On our side, we were very well prepared and had taken a lot of time to gather all that was required months in advance.

Although the team of experts at Kiran are the best people to guide you with their extended expertise, if you have ANY other question, we will be happy to share our experience with you. Please, don’t hesitate as it genuinely is our pleasure. Not so long ago, we were at the starting point too; lost in the unknown. Best of luck to the other IPs out there!

Kindest regards,
Manon and Marc

Reggie Wright

Surrogacy - testimonials-img-0010


Reggie Wright

I would like to thank Dr. Samit Sekhar & the Kiran Infertility Center & our case manager Anjani Kumar for helping us to realize our dreams of becoming parents. We absolutely adore our little girl & would highly recommend the center to anyone who needs assistance in becoming parents.





James Brown and Laurie

James Brown and Laurie

The elated Mr & Mrs Brown with their baby boy born on 24th March 2011!

Nick and David

Surrogacy - Nick-and-David


Nick and David with their boy ! Born 15th April 2011…





Testimonial by Thomas and Suzanne Lloyd

Surrogacy - Thomas_Suzanne_Lloyd


“Testimonial by Thomas and Suzanne Lloyd – The Family picture of Thomas and Suzanne Lloyd with their twins born on 29th December 2011.

So far so good in India. Dr. Samit and the crew have taken good care of us – we have a full time nanny, which is incredibly helpful! Wanted to share a group picture with our twins, Owen and Alexandra! ”



Testimonial from Young-Mee and Chris

Surrogacy - stefan


Dear Dr. Samit and Anjani

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe but our little Stefan is now 8 months old. He is a healthy and happy baby and very much a people person. Not yet crawling but almost there. We never really had a chance to properly thank you and your clinic for your assistance throughout all this. Obviously, there was alot to stress and steps to pass through which meant at times that we were abit uncertain and not always at our best. However, we greatly appreciate your efforts and hope your clinic is continuing to bring joy to people’s lives. Stefan is truly our dream come true.
Attached is a photo of Stefan.
Best wishes
Young-Mee and Chris


Testimonial from Gary Bolsover and Tracy Bastable



We wish to thank all that were involved in this special day we have sat and looked in wonder at Heaven mia for 11 hours and still don’t believe she is real THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the 3 of us we will never be able to repay you all for the joy we feel right now ..


I’m writing to say once again how grateful I am for you have helped me to have my son.The expertise of you and your team was inspiring of AWE, I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have known the Kiran infertility Center. The kindness and professional competence, I found there, of all people, is incredible, and I want you to know that I will be eternally grateful. Your work is so important. And you excel in their work in every way possible. So, thank you. My family and I will never forget what you have done for us.

Once again, thank you!