Why one should avoid working with Surrogacy agencies

and middlemen!!


surrogacy agencies

According to Senior case manager at the Kiran Infertility Centre Anjani kumar, “It is important for the Intended parents to do their research in detail before enrolling in a surrogacy program”.

A good surrogacy clinic/program will be transparent and in order to do so they will also ask you questions including those about your personal life which may not always be comfortable and a good surrogacy program will not hesitate to ask difficult questions from intended parents.

According to Kumar, at KIC (in full) we ask the intended parents to fill out a surrogacy questionnaire. This helps us get to know details about the intended parents and helps us rule out applicants who opt for baby through surrogacy because of lifestyle reasons.

According to Kumar they  reject at least 15 to 20 such applications every month, “Recently we had an application by a very prominent Russian Model and soap star who did not wish to carry the pregnancy because it would interfere with her career. We routinely refuse such cases” says Kumar.

Kumar also Adds that it is illegal as per the Indian medical council for clinics to accept cases from third party agencies and middlemen. Right now in India there are several agencies which are operating from the USA and other countries, these agencies are not registered either with the Indian Authorities or the medical association to be able to operate and do business in INDIA,they should have either an office in India or a valid trade license. According to Kumar Clinics and surrogacy programs which are registered with the ICMR can only provide surrogacy services,hence intended parents who pay middlemen and surrogacy agencies to have a baby through surrogacy in INDIA risk loosing their money and also will not be able to have any legal recourse against these agencies in case they fail to honor their commitments!

Intended parents also end up paying a good 50% extra when they choose to go through the middlemen and agencies who promise hand-holding. According to kumar a good clinic/Surrogacy program will have a travel desk in place,” we take care of flight bookings, hotel reservations, sight seeing, legal paper work, passport applications and Exit visa at the FRRO for our Intended parents”

About the Author:
Dr. Samit Sekhar
IVF and Surrogacy program Director.
Kiran Infertility Centre, Hyderabad.