Causes of Female Infertility -AGE

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Fertility clinic hyderabadFertility clinic-Age is the single most important factor affecting a woman’s fertility. As she matures, the chance for pregnancy decreases and the odds for miscarriage increase. At 25, a woman has a 25% of chances becoming pregnant during unprotected sexual intercourse. This percentage begins to decrease between the ages of 32 and 34. After that, the decline is steady .Hence the chance for pregnancy is only 5 to 10% per menstrual cycle after a woman reaches age 40.

Although older women may be more likely to experience scarring and blockages caused by Endometriosis or other medical conditions, these are not significant contributors to infertility. Instead, infertility often is the result of age-related changes occurring in the reproductive hormones that stimulate egg development, trigger ovulation and support pregnancy. Perhaps most important, is depletion of a woman’s ovarian reserve- the eggs she is born with. During her reproductive years, some eggs never mature and others are released during her menstrual cycles. Those remaining, age with her and the older she is, the more likely they are to have hard shells (zona pellucida)- that keep sperm from penetrating or genetic defects that prevent fertilization or cause miscarriage. When the store of healthy eggs is depleted, menopause occurs.