The Blastocyst culture and transfer at Blastocyst Stage for In-Vitro Fertilization ivolves selection of the best quality embryos for transfer. The concept of embryo quality is one of the most important concept to consider especially for couples who are experiencing fertility related issues and are unable to conceive. With Blastocyst embryo transfer, At Kiran Infertility Centre which is amongst the best blastocyst culture and embryo transfer centre in Hyderabad we tranasfer only the best quality Blastocyst – which significantly improves the chances of implantation and thereby increases the chances of pregnancy. Another advantage of transfer at Blastocyst Stage is it reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies.

A Blastocyst is an embryo that has been developed for 5 to 6 days after fertilization unlike the normal transfer in 2 to 3 days (cleavage stage). At this point, the embryo has two different cell types and a central cavity. The surface cells- called the Trophectoderm will become the Placenta and the inner cells-called the inner cell mass will become the Fetus. A healthy Blastocyst should begin hatching from its outer shell- called the Zona Pellucida, by the end of the fifith or sixth day post fertilisation. Within about 24 hours after hatching, it should begin to implant into the lining of the mother’s uterus.

blastocyst culture and embryo transfer centre in Hyderabad

Blastocyst culturing is a technique to grow embryos beyond the 3rd day of culture. Typically, in cases of transfer in 3 days after the egg retrieval, embryos generally develop between 6-8 cells. When the embryos culture is extended to blastocyst stage on day 5 they become about 120 cells.

At Kiran infertility centre which is the best Blastocyst Embryo Transfer Center in Hyderabad all Embryos are cultured till Blastocyst stage As the newly formed embryo develops, it slowly moves towards the uterine cavity where it has to ultimately implant. This process takes approximately 6-7 days. An embryo at “Blastocyst” stage is ready to implant.

Blastocyst Culture Transfer in Hyderabad

Why should one consider Blastocyst transfer?

In certain patients, the advantage of Blastocyst culture is to allow optimal selection of embryos for transfer, resulting in an increased implantation rate per embryo transferred. However, it is important to understand that this technology may not necessarily increase your chance of pregnancy. There are many factors to be to be taken into account to know in case the blastocyst culture transfer in Hyderabad will be beneficial for a particular case such as the age, number & quality of eggs developed etc.

The main advantage is that fewer embryos may be transferred, still maximising chances of pregnancy, also eliminating or limiting the possibility of multiple pregnancies especially triplets

Blastocyst Culture Transfer in Hyderabad

What percentage of embryos will grow to the Blastocyst stage in culture?

For younger patients, up to 70% of all embryos will continue to grow to the Blastocyst stage. Opt for a Blastocyst transfer today to maximise your chances of having a healthy Pregnancy