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Sai Kiran Hospital, a unit of Kiran Infertility Centre Pvt. Ltd.- It is a Super Specialty Facility dealing in advanced Infertility Treatments. One of the largest facilities in Hyderabad operating in an area of 12000 Sqft, the facility was recently renovated in 2018 according to Global Standards. An ISO 9001- 2008 Company, KIC with its cutting-edge technology, world-renowned experts and a patient-centric approach, has been a dominant player in the area of Fertility Treatments and is one of the oldest facilities in India offering Infertility Treatment.

With a Goal ‘To realize Everyone’s Dream of having their own Baby’ and with belief in principles of Karma, our passion for Excellence, Continuous Learning, and a firm commitment towards all the Stake Holders and the Community at large, Here at KIC we continuously work to give the best result with personalized care to each Intended Parent that approaches us.

Since its inception the clinic has helped more than 25,000 couples conceive through various forms of treatments for Infertility. It has organized various conferences on Infertility like listed below

Started in 1981, KIC is one of the oldest and most respected facilities in India, pioneering many firsts in the field of Fertility Treatments of IVF, ICSI and Laparoscopy. It has also registered its presence in Academics, Medical Research, Clinical Trials & Testing, Cryo-preservation, Shipping of Genetic Specimen, Semen Banking, Training of Doctors and also Consulting in IVF & IUI Lab Installation and Maintenance.

The facility was formally started by Dr. Naresh K Sekhar and Dr. Kiran D Sekhar in 1981 in Old City,in those times Infertility Treatment was not such a spoken about subject and very few Hospitals in world, countable on fingertips were specialized in Infertility. In-fact the 1st baby born in South India with ART Techniques was at our Hospital.

In due course our Hospital was shifted to a facility in Abids, and then to old building in Khairtabad. Here the Hospital was registered as Sai Kiran Hospital and is functioning since 2005 with the same name.

As the Hospital was working in an old building, it was temporarily shifted in 2015 to the Banjara Hills premises and currently since 2018 it is operating in Khairtabad from one of the largest facilities in India and only catering to super-specialty field of Infertility.

In due course of these 36 odd years more than 30,000 babies have been born with help of ART treatment by consultants of our Hospital for patients of more than 58 different countries.Through this time since 1981 and more so since 2005, focus in KIC was only on treatments related to super-specialty field of Infertility.

Accumulating and integrating the latest developments in the field of Infertility Treatment and Medical Tourism, we ensure that the journey of Intended Parents towards Parenthood is as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Work Shops and Conferences & Presentations made by KIC

a) Infertility Update and Workshop held at Hotel Taj Residency, Hyderabad in 1995 and was attended by more than 500 doctors from all across India.

b) Workshop was held at adjoining hospital “Ratna Hospital” on topics of Intra Uterine Insemination Demo, Ovum Pick-up, Fallopian Tube Cannijlation, Ultra Sonographer (Vaginal and Abdominal), Cyst aspiration.

c) Infertility Update and Workshop “Kiran Infertility and Research Center’ was held from 20th May I995 at Hotel Bhaskara Palace, Hyderabad and was attended by more than 200 doctors from all across India.

d) I.A.H.R (Indian Academy of Human Reproduction) National Conference and Workshop held from 17th to 19TH May 1996 AT Hotel Viceroy and Medwin Hospital and was attended by more than 250 Doctors.

e) National Annual Conference and Workshop held on 31st, Jan to 2nd Feb 1997 at Hotel Ramada Manohar, Begumpet, Hyderabad and was attended by more than 300 International and National Faculties. The Scientific Program in this Conference was first one dedicated only on topics related to Infertility.

f) Motives for Patients to Travel abroad for fertility care Dr. SamitSekhar at COGI, Singapore

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More than 600 Doctors have been trained by Kiran Infertility Centre in various Techniques of Infertility at the facility in Hyderabad.

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In Vitro Fertilization Hyderabad

In Vitro Fertilization Hyderabad

In Vitro Fertilization Hyderabad

In Vitro Fertilization Hyderabad