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Kiran infertility centre hyderabad


Kiran Infertility Center/KIC over the past 3 decades has emerged as a comprehensive and complete institution of excellence in the field of infertility treatment bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of proud parents from India and from 51 different countries across the globe who dreamt of being blessed with a beautiful baby or babies. With a combined work experience of more than 200 years in the super specialty of Infertility, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Genetics, and Embryology KIC has been consistently providing the best possible treatment and care for patients suffering from infertility

We take immense pride in our strict adherence to the standards and quality measures that we follow as per the required Indian laws and guidelines in the field of infertility treatment. Over these years, we have emerged as one of the most successful clinics in India and across the globe in offering infertility treatments. KIC is always at the forefront of research and development taking place in the global arena of infertility.

Our team of doctors, andrologists, gynecologists and other specialists are always encouraged to participate in activities that help in the exchange of information and expertise with some of the leading lights (professionals/researchers) from the world of infertility. We are proud of our doctors who are members of some of some of the reputed institutions such as A.S.R.M, E.S.H.R.E., I.S.A.R, and C.O.G.I. and are always invited as delegates to speak at these forums.

This type of information sharing is helping us in passing out the latest technology in the field of infertility treatment to the intended parents who attend our facility to avail the advances made in this arena. Our presence in the field of infertility treatment encompasses in the below mentioned fields such as-
All Infertility treatments such as IUI,IVF,ICSI, Egg/ Embryo donation, Cryopreservation, Pre implantation genetic screening for chromsonal defects

  • Academics & Medical Research
  • Clinical Trials and Testing
  • Cryopreservation
  • Cryo-Vitrification
  • Shipping of Genetic Specimen
  • Semen Banking
  • IVF and IUI Lab Installations & Maintenance

Kiran Infertility Centre’s I.V.F comprises of global intended parent clientele and we deeply understand the concerns of the intended parents and the stress they undergo when they begin their journey for becoming a proud parent. Our team of doctors (including fertility specialists, embryologists, Andrologists, counselors, psychologists) takes part in designing a customized schedule for each of our intended parents that are then passed on to them at the time of their enrolment.