Dr. Naresh Sekhar

Managing Director

Dr. Naresh, a person with great vision, was one of the first to set up a specialized centre catering to only Infertility Treatments in India and was the backbone in the success of KIC- Hyderabad. In early nineties wherein Infertility was a relatively unknown subject and non-specialized stream in medicine, he forecasted the need and rise of infertility related specialized treatment in India which according to him was a result of changes occurring in society like increase of average marriage age, rising stress levels, pollution and lifestyle hazards such as smoking and alcohol consumption. He had forecasted that the incidence of Infertility would rise and as per his prediction, currently, about 10 to 15% of all married coupled suffer from some degree of Infertility. His vision of establishing KIC has and continues to benefit thousands of infertile couples from India and abroad to cope and get treated for infertility.

He is in charge of major executive decisions at KIC- Hyderabad and also undertakes to counsel of Gestational Carriers and Donors before recruitment.